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Main Hua Tera

Releasing November 19, 2018
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Avi is an Indian Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Actor. Wyclef Jean had first admired his talent when 12 year old Avi performed with him as a fan at Hard Rock Café. Avi’s late father, Aadesh Shrivastava was a renowned Indian Music Composer and Producer who had given music to more than 100 Bollywood movies. But unlike his father, Avi is more inclined towards Western Music, instruments and acting. He is profound in Drums and Piano. He is also an R&B singer and a rapper.

In 2010, young Avi’s energetic performance stole the stage from world’s famous rapper AKON at an event in Bangalore. AKON said, “This kid is going to be a big deal in Hollywood”.

Avi has done a single and video ‘One for the world’ with AKON and was the major star attraction at the Global Sounds of Peace concert held in Mumbai. When it comes to international stage performance, Avi has shared stage with the likes of AKON, Sean Kingston, Wyclef Jean and Amitabh Bachchan. He is a rising teen star in India who is passionate about contemporary, hip-hop and pop music. At present, he has composed more than 50 songs. With a spark to make it big, Avi is ambitious and skilled in music and acting. With a whole pack of qualities the young artist possesses, Avi is also looking out for good projects.

Ideal Entertainment (IE) coupled with SM Entertainments in Toronto, Canada, are launching Avitesh Shrivastava’s debut single “Main Hua Tera”. Ideal Entertainment is an international leader in content creation and distribution in the film and music industries.

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Avitesh Shrivastava
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